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CFIA. FDA, HACCP & Kosher Certified

As a HACCP/CFIA/FDA/Kosher certified warehouse and plant you can rest assure all of your products are safe and free from any contamination and temperature issues. We take pride in our work, and take any necessary means to protect the integrity of all inventory. 

All certificates and documentation is available upon request.

In-House Processing Area

Cantrina is the only facility in the world capable of removing a number of bacterias from juices and concentrates. This process was developed over years by Bob Gosine, the owner and creator of Cantrina Freezer Warehouse. 

With an in-house processing area we are able to pack your product from tankers or other packaging in to any packaging you may desire - ie. Totes, drums, pails. 

Should your product come in damaged, our staff is highly trained to take the necessary steps to identify the issue, and provide you with all your options. Your product will be kept temperature controlled, and safe until you decide what option is best for you. Once decided our facility is fully equipped to carry through your wishes without compromising the product. 

Family Owned & Run Business

As a family run business we are able to stretch enough to ensure our customers are happy at all times! We are happy to offer 24hr service available. Should you have an emergency any evening, weekend or holiday our staff will be happy to accommodate you.

At Cantrina we are able to customize your storage and packaging needs and will take all the necessary steps to ensure your business thrives.

We are happy to cut out the middle man and provide you with most services needed. Please see our Services Page for more information on this.

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