Warehouse Services

Shipping and Handling

Shipping & handling come hand in hand at Cantrina. When we receive your product you pay handling on each product only once. This handling charge will cover receiving the product and every time you choose to release some of that product. 

Product is received by name and lot number, special requests for receiving is always welcomed. You will be notified immediately if there are any problems with your product when it is brought in. Receiving is halted until you approve the product. We cut the middle man and save you a trip to inspect. We will take all necessary steps to help you handle your product without you lifting a finger. We have on hand concentrate and temperature inspectors. Photos are send should there be any discrepancies with your product.

Container Palletizing

Product can be brought in floor loaded to our warehouse and we will have it palletized for you. We require notice of these containers, however emergencies happen and it is not a problem for us to accommodate you.

We also offer services to break down your pallets to reach a request height.

Most popular floor loaded containers are cases and drums. Each product package is taken off the container individually and placed on a pallet. We are able to pack your pallets to your specifications (ie 6 cases per layer, 7 layers.) Should your request exceed our standard pallet height of 60" you will be notified immediately with your options. Once your pallet it packed it is either stretch wrapped or strapped, then tracked and packed away for storage. Cross-docking is also avaialble.


We understand sometimes you or your customer may only need a fraction of your product. We are happy to pick the released amount for you, palletize it, wrap it and ship it out for you. The remainder of your product will be kept in its storage location, safe and secure.

All of our picking is done inside of the designated storage space ie. freezer, cooler, dry

Product Freezing

Should your product come in dry or under temperature, don't fret. We specialize in bringing your product temperature down to -18 Degrees Celsius and protecting it's integrity 

Cross Docking

Your product is always safe with us. If you need a place to receive and store your product for up to 48hrs before it can be picked up we are happy to help.

Your product will be received just as if it was being normally stored. It will be tracked and packed away until your transportation arrives.

We are happy to offer cross-dock inspections as well. You will be immediately notified if there are any discrepancies with your product.


Suppliers often send container or pallets to you mixed with product. We are happy to receive this product for you. We will sort your product however you may request ie. Product, lot number, batch number, expiry date. We will then palletize and wrap/strap each product on separate skids for storage. 

Prices vary depending on the amount of product types.

Warehouse Services

Heat Treated Pallets

Along with hardwood pallets we also provide heat treated pallets upon request. 

Once requested we will repalletize your product on to heat treated pallets for shipping or storage.

Strapping, wrapping, sealing

We understand the need for security. We offer service to double strap or wrap products before shipping. We also offer this service should your product come in poorly, or not wrapped/strapped.

As a packing plant we are also able to seal drums or totes as well as containers when shipping.

Product Sampling

You may need samples of your products to send to your customer or for any other reason. We are happy to provide product sampling in various sizes.

Rush sampling is also available upon request and product texture


If you would like to have labels added to your product we can have that done. We will formulate a label based on your request, have it approved by you and then label your product. You may also send you own labels in to have applied to your product. 

Product Pictures

This service is provided should for any reason you need a picture of your product, label, or packaging. You can let us know the areas and amount of pictures you would like.

Pictures are taken inside of the designated storage area.

Physical Inventories

In the case you may need a physical check of your product amount we can arrange a time for you to come in and have a look, or we could simply do this for you. We will check your product for you and record any information requested. 

Warehouse Services


Cantrinas offers delivery for all loads. We travel within Canada only. Please contact our office for quotations on deliveries of goods and samples.

Inventory Reports

When you product is being stored at Cantrina included in you price is a month end inventory report. If your company requires a report at any other time this option is always available for order.

Paperwork Copies

Lost a copy of your BOL, product information or delivery notice? Give us a call and we will be happy to send you over a copy. All paperwork given to Cantrina is scanned and uploaded before filing, so we have it at our fingertips for all your clerical needs.

CFIA Inspections

Should the CFIA for any reason need to inspect your product, let us take care of it for you. We will meet with the CFIA for you, sign any documentations and have everything done for you, while you stay at your office and continue to run you business. 

After Hours Shipping & Receiving

We understand that things don't always go as planned and sometimes you need some help. We offer extra-ordinary hours for these situations. We will ship or receive your product after working hours any time of the year. Prices vary on expected time period needed.

Kosher Product Certification

As a Kosher Certified Facility, we have close connections with you Kosher community. We are happy to pull your product for you should you need it to be seen by the Rabbi for product certification.